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Discover all that Symfony UX offers through our collection of demos!
Source code is provided for each demo: PHP, Twig, JS, and CSS.

Infinite Scroll - 2/2 demo preview

Infinite Scroll - 2/2

Loading on-scroll, flexible layout grid, colorfull loading animations and... more T-Shirts!

grid pagination loading scroll

Auto-Validating Form demo preview

Auto-Validating Form

Create a form that validates each field in-real-time as the user enters data!

form validation inline

Dependent Form Fields demo preview

Dependent Form Fields

After selecting the first field, automatically reload the options for a second field.

form field events

Inline Editing demo preview

Inline Editing

Activate an inline editing form with real-time validation.

form inline LiveAction

Invoice Creator demo preview

Invoice Creator

Create an invoice + line items that updates as you type.

form entity events LiveAction

Uploading files demo preview

Uploading files

Upload file from your live component through a LiveAction.

form file upload LiveAction