Speed of an SPA

Turbo your website

The speed of a single-page web app without writing any JavaScript, courtesy of Turbo

composer require symfony/ux-turbo

Turbo Drive

Transform all link clicks and form submits into Ajax calls to get that single-page-application feel.

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Click any links on this site or submit this form. Zero full page refreshes!

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Turbo Drive Demo

Build yourself a new pet

Turbo Frames

Decompose complex pages into different parts that load and behave independently. Try it - it's smooth.
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The frame displays just part of the full page from https://ux.symfony.com/turbo/todos. All link clicks and form submits stay *inside* the frame.

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Turbo Streams

Deliver page updates - to *any* elements on your page - directly from Symfony. Add Mercure to do this for *any* users on your site, in real-time.
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Chat with someone else viewing this page (or open a 2nd browser tab to talk to yourself)! Submitting also updates the icon in the header.

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Turbo Streams Demo (your username is user_455)

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Install It

$ composer require symfony/ux-turbo